Are you looking forward to buying a cryptocurrency? Does the concept of digital currency fascinate you? Is it worth it that you put your hard-earned money on it? Let us discuss cryptocurrency and the scams associated with it. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset created by a network of different computer algorithms. The concept of cryptography is used for secure transactions of your digital currency.

However, there are some corrupt elements in the society like hackers, fraudsters, scammers, etc., that can manipulate our minds into buying fake digital money. Therefore, It becomes crucial to understand the concept of cryptocurrency before investing in it. Let us discuss the famous Taisha coin scam by Hashim Basheer that alerted us to the frauds happening in the cryptocurrency world.




The names highlighted in this scam are  Hashim Kallolikal Basheer, Rahul Balu Jadhav, and Nitesh Vinod Dhakare. They currently circulate the total supply of 11.5 crore cryptocurrencies that they named Taisha coin, and they are selling at the rate of 25 rupees per coin. Two more stock market scammers Nasir Haque and Dhiraj Bitra, are also assisting them in their fraud business. They are running this whole scam on their website www.taisha.in, and plans to defraud around 300-400 crore rupees from the market.


The mastermind of this whole scam, Hashim Kalollikal Basheer, an infamous scammer, con-artist, and smuggler, is running this con business with his dummy partners Dhiraj Bitra and Nasir Haque. The main executors who assist him in defrauding investors’ hard-earned funds are Rahul Jadhav and Nitesh Dhakare.


The Taisha coin scam by Hashim Basheer is an example and lesson for those who invest their valuable asset in any digital currency without giving it a thought. Taisha coin is totally invalid, and we all need to stay away from such scammers. You must have heard about the infamous Synergy-Tech Live, which is a scandalous stock market enterprise. Taisha is the continuation of this bogus share market company that defrauded many investors. They already have shut down their own website www.synergytechlive.in. Taisha coin scam by hashim basheer is based on the same concept as Bitcoin currency. The only difference is that Taisha is not a real deal. The investors of Taisha token would not be able to trade them any valuable exchange.




Cryptocurrency is a novel concept in the stock market, and its rising popularity is captivating the attention of many fraudsters who exploit digital assets. The cunning scammers lure retail investors into their golden trap and throw them into the swamp of losses.

An investor alert has recently been issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the aforementioned investment scams related to cryptocurrency.


It is our moral responsibility to stay away from such crypto scams by investigating the background of unregistered sellers of digital currency. Follow the crypto scam alerts before investing your valuable funds into any cryptos. One thing you need to be aware of is that you can use cryptos for online transactions where they are allowed. Not everyone deals in digital currency.


Although the crypto exchange operators in India are backed by high-profile investors, it is a risky investment. There are no guaranteed returns in digital currency. Akin to stock markets, the value of cryptos rises and falls depending on the data mining. The scammers often lure you into their trap by assuring a fixed return on cryptos. If you get across such an unlicensed organization, you are likely to fall into their scams. Taisha coin scam is an example of such fraudsters who loot the valuable assets of their clients for their personal benefits.




Our main motive is to alert our readers to be aware of the Taisha crypto scam. Although there are many YouTubers and other social media influencers who are alerting their viewers about the Taisha crypto scam, it is our responsibility to do a proper background check before investing our money in any cryptocurrency.  There is nothing authentic about Taisha, and all the digital currency they are offering you is fake and trash. You will not get any real deal with Taisha cryptos, and their tokens cannot be exchanged for any tangible trade. The people who run this scam determine the value of their crypto tokens. They are currently selling at the rate of 25 rupees per token. Be aware of Taisha crypto scams, and do not spend your real money on their trash cryptos. The scheme may look so tempting for now, but it is a complete failure in the long run.


The business that stands on lies and fraud does not last long. Soon Taisha scheme will become a failure, and the fraudsters will disappear with the hard-earned money of their investors. With the fake TAIS tokens, the buyers will not be able to get their money back, nor will they be able to trade the fake TAIS cryptocurrency with any other valuable exchange without being aware of the Taisha crypto scam. It is pivotal to understand the risks before making any investment in digital currency. Our advice is to stay away from such scammers.

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